Me Hélène Montreuil, Attorney
Barrister and Solicitor

Me Hélène Montreuil

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Me Hélène Montreuil

Me Hélène Montreuil
1050, rue François-Blondeau

Québec, Québec
Canada  G1H 2H2

Phone: 418-621-5032
Fax: 418-621-5092


Fields of practise of Me Hélène Montreuil

I am a member of the Bar of the Province of Quebec since 1976.

I mainly practise in Human rights law, Labour law, Civil law and Family law.

I also practise in:

Commercial law - Contracts of franchise, loan, agency, etc.
Consumer law - Rescission of contracts, damages and interest
Corporate law - Incorporation of a company or an association
Estate law - Probate of will
Family law - Divorce, child custody and support
Human rights law - Discrimination - Charters of rights
Immigration law - Foreign students and workers
Insurance law - Claims against insurers who refuse to pay an indemnity
Labour law - Dispute of a dismissal or a disciplinary measure
Landlord and tenant law - Rescission of lease, damages and interest
Personal law - Curatorship and trusteeship
Personal law - Change of name
Professional law - Malpractice
Social law - Employment insurance and welfare benefits
Taxation law - Dispute of decisions of Revenue Québec and Revenue Canada
Tort law - Loss or corporal injuryReal estate law - hidden flaws

I do not practise in the following fields:

Constitutional law
Criminal law
International law
Maritime law

I have argued before:

The Quebec Court of appeal
The Federal Appeals Court
the Superior Court
The Federal Court
The Quebec Court
The Canadian taxation court
Le Tribunal administratif du Québec
La Régie du logement
The Public Services Board
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
La Commission des relations de travail
and before many other organisations, commissions, councils, agencies, offices, etc.